Bulk Active Directory Changes Using PowerShell


At my job we are moving from 4 digit extensions to 5 digit extensions because we are running out of numbers. That’s a lot of records to update by hand in Active Directory. So I figured out a nifty way to use PowerShell to reduce the workload. During my research I encountered a bunch of broken scripts, misinformation, and awful solutions posed in forums. So to help the next guy out I figured I’d do a quick what-went-wrong-and-how-to-make-it-right blog post. The principles I used here for my use-case can be applied to any Active Directory user property. Let’s dig in.

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How to Fix Google Hangouts Desktop App SMS Contact Photos


I love Google Hangouts. For someone like me who jumps between desktops, laptops, and my phone – it is the perfect solution. Almost. There are some quirks. If you use Google Hangouts out the desktop app in conjunction with the android app for SMS messaging, doubtlessly you’ve ran into the same problem I have. All of the pretty faces of your friends and family in your Google Contacts do not show up for SMS! I have been bewildered by this for about 6 months until I accidentally figured out a workaround (which may actually be the “solution” since it seems Google has yet to address this).

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Creating A Web Shortcut For A Non-Default Browser Through Group Policy


The method I will be using will also work if you just want to create a shortcut for the default browser, but with some minor differences. For my use case here we had a web app that worked better in Chrome – which unfortunately is not the company standard browser. There’s some great documentation out there for the method I will be using, but I have found some weird quirks that are not documented and left me scratching my head for a while. I figured I’d save the next guy some trouble. My work environment uses a Windows Server 2008 R2 box as its’ primary domain controller. If you’re using my reference guide on a newer OS some of these settings might be different. Let’s get started.

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