Bulk Active Directory Changes Using PowerShell


At my job we are moving from 4 digit extensions to 5 digit extensions because we are running out of numbers. That’s a lot of records to update by hand in Active Directory. So I figured out a nifty way to use PowerShell to reduce the workload. During my research I encountered a bunch of broken scripts, misinformation, and awful solutions posed in forums. So to help the next guy out I figured I’d do a quick what-went-wrong-and-how-to-make-it-right blog post. The principles I used here for my use-case can be applied to any Active Directory user property. Let’s dig in.

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Creating A Web Shortcut For A Non-Default Browser Through Group Policy

When contemporary applications invade legacy application turf


The method I will be using will also work if you just want to create a shortcut for the default browser, but with some minor differences. For my use case here we had a web app that worked better in Chrome – which unfortunately is not the company standard browser. There’s some great documentation out there for the method I will be using, but I have found some weird quirks that are not documented and left me scratching my head for a while. I figured I’d save the next guy some trouble. My work environment uses a Windows Server 2008 R2 box as its’ primary domain controller. If you’re using my reference guide on a newer OS some of these settings might be different. Let’s get started.

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